Passing bull 22 – I told you so, Paris

Crimes against humanity cross borders and suspend politics.  Not everywhere.

The President of Syria, Mr Assad, fairly smirked.  He said that he had been putting up with this kind of thing for years.

Mr Chris Kenny, of The Australian and Sky, a sadly vacuous twerp who looks like Mr Putin after a hard night on the tiles on Mars, found it his sad duty to remind viewers that he had been writing about this, and that now it was time for ‘jihad denialism’ to end.  He did not say whether he has registered the term ‘jihad denialism’ as a trademark.

What did our former PM Tony Abbott do?  He went on to the show of his bosom friend, Andrew Bolt, the master of ceremonies for divisions of race or creed.  Bolt was in full ‘I told you so’ mode about jihad denialism, as even someone as obtuse as Abbott would have known.  Abbott said, according to The Australian:

Any death-to-the-infidel mindset is ultimately conducive to the kind of vicious evil that we have seen on the streets of Paris and elsewhere in recent times.

And it’s absolutely incumbent on all decent people, particularly on religious leaders, Muslim religious leaders, to say: ‘This is not part of our faith. It never should have been and it must not be now.’

Mr Abbott said it was ‘very important’ that Australia take in the 12,000 Syrian refugees announced when he was prime minister, but warned the effort to resettle persecuted minorities should not harm the national interest.

The point is that we want to take people who have no realistic prospect of peacefully resettling in these parts of the Middle East. And obviously what we want to do as a general matter of principle is bring people to Australia who are prepared to join our team, he said.

We want people who come to this country to feel absolutely welcome, but we want them to join our team.

Mr Abbott said the government should continue to support the US in the Middle East and warned it was not Australia’s role to ‘sit in critical judgment of the leader of the free world.’

Well, at least it was very generous of Mr Abbott to suspend judgment on the President of the United States.

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