Passing Bull 23 Downplaying thought and the hope of the side


A full page Hewlett Packard Ad contains the following bullshit.

Tomorrow belongs to the fast.

Winners and losers will be decided by

how quickly they can move from what they

are now to what they need to become.

In every business, IT strategy

is now business strategy.

Accelerating change.

Accelerating growth.

Accelerating security.

And today, to help you move faster

we’ve created a new company.

One totally focussed on what’s next

for your business.

A true partnership where collaborative

people, empowering technology and

transformative ideas push everyone forward.

Accelerating innovation.

Why did it take so long to get to the ‘I’ word, and then only after the bullshit reached gale force?

Oyster Cove


……God’s creatures, made

woodcutters’ whores, sick drunks, watch the sun prise

their life apart: flesh, memory, language all

split open, featureless, to feed the wild

hunger of history.  A woman lies

coughing her life out.  There’s still blood to fall,

but all blood’s spilt that could have made a child.

One thought on “Passing Bull 23 Downplaying thought and the hope of the side

  1. Interesting column by David Brooks in today’s AFR. Makes reference to what would seem to be a fascinating book – Jonathan Sacks- Not in god’s name: confronting religious violence.

    Leigh Mackay


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