Passing Bull 154 – Plastic Bags


People in the media are divided over Andrew Bolt.  Some say he is sincere.  Others say that he just pursues a business model.  He looks to me like a neurotic Baptist elder lecturing an erotic teenager.  But the second view took hold the other night when he criticised two supermarket owners for clamping down on plastic bags.  What business is it of his?  What does he know about business?  People around me in the sticks don’t look like Greens, but they all have the sense to see the need for the ban.

People on the land may be more sensitive to conservation than people in the cities.  But then Mr Bolt probably thought that there was no problem with climate change.  Or is this just another case of people objecting to experts because the experts no more?  And they don’t express their jealousy when the expert is a surgeon standing between them and death.  And they might bear in mind the maxim that when you don’t know what you are talking about, bullshit is inevitable.


The battle over border security is intensifying as migration activists go on the offensive. Recent research illustrates the deep divide between open-border activists and democratic citizens on the size and profile of immigration into Western countries.

The resurgent belief that democratic governments should govern in the national interest has caused a moral panic among big migration and refugee advocates.

They are resorting to desperate measures. The use of children for porous-border propaganda is a sign of the times…..

As public opinion turns against the politically correct media, journalists are taking more extreme measures to enforce their world view. A disturbing trend is the use of children to turn public opinion against secure borders.

Picture this: a toddler in the borderlands screams as US border patrol frisks her mother. Her face is upturned and desperate. The heart-wrenching image is splashed across global media. The scarlet letter press declares US President Donald Trump and nationalists guilty without trial.

It was an encore performance by journalists, who thrilled at the chance to vilify patriots. And it was fake news — again. Getty Images photographer John Moore captured the moment that provoked a global outcry. The news went viral after the sobbing child photo was linked to Trump’s plan to separate children from immigrant parents in detention.

The front cover of Time magazine featured an illustration of the President towering over the crying toddler with the caption “Welcome to America”. It was conceptually clever, but political overkill. Trump’s base already was moving against his proposal to separate children from parents who had entered the

The demise of the democratic world is empowered by an activist class that seeks to introduce porous-border policy without democratic consent. In reaction to popular revolt against rule from above, activists have sunk to a new low: using children for propaganda.

The Australian, 25 June, 2018

Remarkable – democratic citizens and patriots contra mundum.  This paper can be relied on to defend the indefensible.  No parent could put out this gibberish.

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