Passing Bull 198 – Following the leader


The herd instinct is on full display in the letters of today’s Weekend Australian.  There are nine letters about John Setka.  All appear to be sympathetic.  I doubt whether many readers of that paper have met a worker, much less a union official, much less a warrior with the heft of Setka.  No one mentioned that Setka has said that he will plead guilty to a criminal offence.  We get the usual stuff about ‘political correctness’ and ‘virtue signalling.’  Setka says he was elected my members.  I can’t recall hearing a bank director on the way out saying he had been elected by shareholders.

This sensitivity about our being free to speak our minds takes a bit of hit on the front sports page.  The headline is ‘Bitter’ retort sours Matildas win.’  Their captain, after a gutsy win, said of their critics ‘Suck on that one.’  Good on her.  But the Oz finds two past Matildas to criticise her.  It is one thing to form an adverse view (although it is beyond me how a Matilda expects our captain to be ‘humble’).  It is another thing to go public and fuel controversy when those representing us are trying to make a comeback in a foreign country.  If that is their notion of loyalty, it is little wonder the Matildas have issues.

But is not the point more simple?  We have better things to talk about.


No one wants to be lectured on humanity by politicians, let alone backers of porous borders whose compassion resulted in more than 1000 deaths at sea.

The Australian, 10 June, 2019.  Jennifer Oriel.

As ever, there is the horrifying thought that she might believe it.

4 thoughts on “Passing Bull 198 – Following the leader

  1. Geoffrey, I’ m intrigued by the fact that you spend so much time reading the Australian.
    You criticize it weekly and endlessly.
    If you find the ABC more to your taste, watch it. And then offer a critique.
    But I’ve read barely a word about that.

  2. Peter

    The ABC is nearly as bad. I don’t watch it. I have also given also given up on Fairfax. My preferred paper is the FT. We have never had a conservative paper. I get the Oz on Saturdays because it is an assured source of bullshit – of the tribal kind. And it is sadly so unprofessional.
    If you know a similar source, let me know.

  3. Sadly I don’t Geoff.
    I also read afr. The last decent newspaper to me, was the age.
    When it was the age. I learnt a lot from this broadsheet when it reported accurately and was without bias.
    At least I can read a number of articles on the internet offering various opinions.
    Your own included.
    Thanks Geoff.

  4. Peter

    That is very kind. Try the FT and NYT – I get both on line, and since I am not buying our papers, it it is not dear. I also get The Economist in hard form. The NYT is on a war footing, but that was inevitable. I am getting three world class papers. I gave up Le Monde – too intellectual.


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