Passing Bull 249 – Mixed waffle

Trump is a hot but threatening politician, exuding a primitive albeit vicious power.  Biden, by contrast, is a cool politician, a decent man, but, compared with Trump, he looks weak, even fragile.  This election is a civil war over what constitutes virtue.

The Australian, 2 September, 2020, Paul Kelly

The last politician I can think of who used the word ‘virtue’ in a political context was Robespierre – and he did not meet a good end.  But if this election is between a man who is decent and one who is not, ‘virtue’ could know only one winner.  You might get more sense from Superman.

‘Our position is that our participation agreement includes a non-disparagement clause,’ the minutes say. ‘A reactive media statement will be prepared if required.’

The Guardian, 9 September, 2020

It is not surprising that they got caught.

Thales, whose roots stretch back more than a century, had come up with a statement of its purpose. ‘It is a statement that took six months to write,’ Mr Caine wrote on LinkedIn, adding there had also been six months of consultations with nearly half of the group’s 83,000 employees. The result was just seven words: ‘Building a future we can all trust.’  Staring at them, I thought, bingo! Thales had pulled off a trifecta in the corporate twaddle stakes. A group that makes everything from train ticket systems to drone software had spent hours of company time on a statement so devoid of meaning that it could have come from untold other firms.

Conservative MP Desmond Swayne claimed this week that Prof Whitty and Sir Patrick were engaged in ‘project fear’.

Financial Times, 30 September, 2020

What if there is something to be afraid of?

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