Passing Bull 250 – Inanity writ large – and worse

One Australian newspaper today posted two comments on the re-election of Jacinda Ardern.  One was from the Economist.  From a respectable newspaper, the comment was both sensible and gracious.  That from the I P A was the direct opposite of both those qualities.  It starts this way.

Nobody skewered Barack Obama during his presidency like legendary comedian Dennis Miller.  ‘It’s not all that dramatic with me and Obama,’ Miller once told his audience.  ‘It’s not racist, it’s not classist, it’s not ideological.  It’s just that he is an inept civil servant.  He’s the guy at the toll booth who’s constantly giving out the wrong change.’

The same could be said about New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.  She’s a brilliant politician, but has been a grossly incompetent administrator.

That was the beginning.  We know that the IPA people cannot tolerate Democrats in the U S or anyone to do with Labor here in Australasia or the UK.  We also know that where a lightweight says that he is not being A, B or C, there is every chance that he is certainly being at least B or C.  And these comments about Obama are certainly premised on both class and ideology – in spades.  We can be as certain of that as we can be that those remarks are as tasteless as they are both revealing and inane.  It is a beautiful instance of my rule of thumb that if someone gets up the nose of people at the Murdoch press or the IPA, they are doing some good.  The revelation comes from the derision of anything Democrat or Labor.  Not many presidents get ranked with toll booth attendants.  A former IPA person who works for Murdoch said the other day that it would be a tragedy if Gladys Berejiklian lost office, and Daniel Andrews did not.  The non sequitur is painful, but the ideological antipathy is palpable.  The article concludes.

The only hope for New Zealand now is that, whatever horrifying plans that Labour has in store, Ardern is just as hopeless at actually implementing them in her second term as she was in her first.

What can you say?  It’s not that they prefer Trump to Obama and Morrison to Ardern, it’s that their inanity leaves them with no sense of grace at all.  We are left with the question that that Boston attorney – counsel for the U S army – asked of Senator Joseph McCarthy.  ‘Have you no sense of decency at all at long last?’

You will see that this is number 250 in this series on contemporary bullshit.  It’s sad that this entry is so gross.


Pence’s polished, reasoned and compelling performance would certainly reassure any viewer remotely inclined to support Trump that this is a substantial administration on the right policy track.

The Australian, 9 October, 2020, Greg Sheridan

The US left hates the history and institutions of America itself.

The Australian, 14 October, 2020, Greg Sheridan

Q E D.

One thought on “Passing Bull 250 – Inanity writ large – and worse

  1. “Pence’s polished, reasoned and compelling performance would certainly reassure any viewer remotely inclined to support Trump that this is a substantial administration on the right policy track.” Jesus wept.

    I watched Kamala-pence while texting a friend in LA. These messages were from him at the time. “Pence is doing exactly what I thought he would do — lie just as much as Trump but do it so much more smoothly.”

    “One commentator referred to Mike pence’s ability. Called it “the breathy earnestness of saying nothing.”

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