Passing Bull 260 – They are not us

Dear Editor (New York Times),

Americans who say that those who violated the Capitol are not ‘us’ forget history.  The nation was conceived in violence.   The war against the English was also a civil war that Churchill compared to atrocities in Ireland.  The founding document was based on a lie about equality.  600,000 Americans died in an attempt to extirpate that lie.  This President could not believe a black president could be American. He has cheered on white violence and condemned black protests.  And this nation uniquely celebrates a constitutional right to bear arms.  The purpose of a gun is to inflict violent harm.  So, Americans, don’t say you’re not violent.  It’s in your blood. 

The divide between black and white led to the Civil War and Black Wednesday.  Those who razed the Bastille cherished equality;  those who stormed the Capitol dread it.  The question you face was stated at Gettysburg  by the greatest American –  ‘whether a new nation,conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal… can long endure’.

Yours truly


Donald Trump finishes his astonishing term as president in utter ignominy.  His behaviour since he lost the presidential election on November 3 has been far worse than anything he did as president….Trump was always a contemptible and unworthy character.  For any serious conservative, voting for him was always a 51-49 decision.

Greg Sheridan, Weekend Australian, January 9-10, 2021.

Where to start?  What does ‘conservative’ mean there, ‘serious’ or not?  What is there 50/50 about someone who has always been ‘contemptible’ and ‘unworthy’?  This proprietor does warp minds.  The Wall Street Journal broke ranks and said Trump should resign.  Since this is about 1000 to 1, the next question is what should otherwise happen?  They give no answer, although they concede that ‘Trump’s character flaws were apparent for all to see when he ran for president.’  Then the WSJ reveals the house flaw when it says that the 2019 impeachment was an abuse of process that has diminished Democrats’ credibility.  The alternative view is that that impeachment was a lay down misère which only failed because Republicans did not do their duty, and that the U S and the world are now much worse off because of their failure.  And, given that Trump is contemptible and a man whose character flaws are notorious, their failure is inexcusable.

10 thoughts on “Passing Bull 260 – They are not us

  1. Agree with his politics or not.
    That’s fine. But the utter disrespect for a duly elected President is amazing.
    Your hatred, Geoff, is palpable.

    • I would prefer the word loathing. Or contempt (Mr Sheridan’s epithet). Ted Cruz comes close, but he has paid at least some tax, and is not a coward – as far as I know – when it comes to putting on the uniform.

  2. That the Democrats talked about impeachment the day of his inauguration,
    was interesting.
    After a rocky relationship to begin with, Ted Cruz at least remained loyal to the President.

    • Peter

      That is still the Fox News line about the Democrats.I don’t think much of them either.
      On looking at your note again, I see I was in error. I thought your reference to ‘the utter disrespect for a duly elected president’ was a reference to the attitude of Trump to Biden – which is the root cause of the present collapse. But I now think it was a reference to Trump. Tell me if I am wrong. The fact of election does not give anyone immunity from criticism. Sheridan and the WSJ editor are not precluded from calling Trump as they see him – contemptible or simply unworthy – and nor is anyone else. Particularly given his attitude to due process.
      If it matters, I would not favor the present impeachment. It simply fuels the few supporters he has left. He has now double crossed anyone who ever got near him and he will slouch off without a friend in the world. But I was not hurried into a bunker while police were shooting outright fascists bent on violence on duly elected people – loved and cheered on by Donald Trump.


    • Walter

      There is a world wide conspiracy – that would leave Qanon breathless with jealousy – against my being published by anyone. I would not be surprised if it is retaliation for my siding with the Bombers.


  3. So much in there to unpack.
    But double crossed everyone who got near to him?
    I think he has fired a few disloyal individuals (nothing unusual about that) and as President he is entitled to hire people he wants.
    Obama demonstrated this mightily.
    But the question remains, why were democrats raising impeachment at his very inauguration?
    No one seems to be able to rationalise that.

  4. He ratted on his supporters. He did not march with them. Then he said he loved them. Then he said they were heinous. He ratted on his VP. He ratted on any Republican who did his job. And when you say that Cruz was loyal to him – that is the problem. They should be loyal to the people.
    I am not a Democrat. What they did four years ago is of no moment. When you say that Trump may have faults, but that in your view the other side was worse, you merely restate the problem. What does it matter to someone who subscribes to neither party? In a two party system, government is only as good as the opposition. In my view, the only reason that the U S , the U K, and we have the governments we have is that the opposition was bloody hopeless. How does that help me? I think all three nations have problems – but ours thank God are the least of them. And we are not seeing carnage in hundreds of thousands while the boss sulks, plays golf, and plots.

  5. “What they did four years ago is of no moment” ?
    Geoff, seriously, I think the question is worthy of an answer, not mere dismissal.
    I reiterate, why did democrats discuss impeachment at the 2016 inauguration?

    • Peter
      I frankly have no idea what you are talking about. It is four years ago. Do you want to present evidence of who said what to whom – or do you rely on general hostility or conspiracy?
      As I said, I am not a Democrat and I don’t think much of them. If you think that you find comfort from pointing to weaknesses in the other side (the Democrats), so be it. As I said, that kind of thinking looks to me to be a prime cause of our present problems.
      When Trump was elected, I said it was the worst day of my life. I had no idea that it could be this bad. if you think it may be helpful to look at how others reacted four years ago, that is a matter for you.
      I am more concerned about the fact that in the intervening four years, the great republic has been reduced to the level it now is – to the pity of the western world and the joy of Putin, Xi and Kim. The Americans deluded to vote for him will sadly learn their own lesson.
      The best chance of the U S recovering looks to me to be by Trump being successfully prosecuted. It is not my area but my choice would be to charge him with obtaining money by deception – theft – by telling people that the election had been stolen – and taking money off them.

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