Passing Bull 286 – Why the Bendigo Bank is Bent

This post is written in anger. 

This afternoon, I needed access to my accounts online with the Bendigo Bank.  I could not get on their site on this laptop.  I therefore screwed up my courage to ring them.  No one likes ringing a bank or Telstra.  After the usual noughts and crosses games, the computer gave me a quote of a delay time of eight to twelve minutes.  Not good – but bearable.  I then got subjected to that banal repeated propaganda that tells you so much about the mentality of those running these outfits – both banal and grasping.  That lasted thirty minutes before I hung up in disgust.  THIRTY MINUTES – out of my life because a bloody bank can’t get its act together – decently, or at all.

The original quote of delay time was wantonly reckless if not downright fraudulent.  I was not given the option of taking a call back if I wanted it.  And the propaganda kept repeating the same dreadful lie – ‘Your call shall be answered shortly.’ 

The directors of the Bendigo Bank should be deeply and personally ashamed of the way that they manage their bank.  They obviously chase profit so that they mistreat their customers.  That is not good business.  As it happens, I hold shares in that bank.  And I am now deeply offended as a shareholder – because I personally do not want to be a part of a business that is so rude to people and that treats you and me as just means to their ends.  The conduct of these directors sadly reflects the collapse of courtesy and common decency in our public life.  What kind of person would now trust what a bank said?

I repeat – the directors of the Bendigo Bank should be deeply and personally ashamed of the way that they manage their bank.  

And it did not take those bastards long to wash Ken Hayne right out of their hair.

5 thoughts on “Passing Bull 286 – Why the Bendigo Bank is Bent

  1. Geoff, I share your frustration. Good on you for writing in anger. You needed to vent, which I do regularly.
    But although i, and probably you, joined Bendigo bank when they started as a welcome alternative to the Big 4, they have, predictably, gone the way of all corporate flesh. They’ve dropped off the pedestal we put ’em on. But, What else were we to expect, eh ?

  2. I thought Westpac took over Bendigo bank.
    But anyway Geoff, welcome to the new world.
    We are now resented by corporations and governments.

  3. A Big 4 bank many years ago (I no longer bank with them) was playing me music and I listened, with no great delight, to a song which started ‘I’ve waited a hundred years
    But I’d wait a million more for you’. I hung up and wrote to them but they did not reply.

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