Passing Bull 297 – Unhinged?

Anger at the media grew as a result of the press demeaning pro-Western voters and falsely equating them with racists or uneducated morons.  Liberal media ran such hate-filled campaigns against people who supported Trump and Brexit that it became seen, rightly, as a partisan force campaigning against the democratic will of the people.  Instead of speaking truth to power, members of the media were more invested in preserving their own power than revealing unfashionable truths.

Western anti-Establishment fervor took the liberal political-media class by surprise when Donald Trump was elected as US president and the British people’s vote went to Brexit.  As Islamic State spread into the West, killing men, women, and children, citizens of the free world decided the decades-long experiment with porous borders had come to an end.  Political parties that preached globalism and ignored the patriotic zeitgeist lost elections to politicians determined to protect Western civilization against international jihad.

That bullshit is so awful, you ask if the author is unhinged.  Perhaps – but the author is an IPA product with Rupert Murdoch.  Australia lacks a reasonable conservative newspaper.

Media – Murdoch -IPA

IPA -Murdoch

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