Passing Bull 298 – Madness in England

If the Prime Minister of Australia is a figure of fun, the English have a real clown.  The FT quoted a Turkish proverb: ‘If a clown enters the palace, he does not become king; the palace becomes a circus.’  Some of Johnson’s Eton mates are slow at this.

In commenting on the attack by Boris on Keir Starmer, one Tory said that Boris was stressing that people are responsible for those under them.  Like those having parties in Downing St.

Then Boris uttered the great fallacy in the Commons.  ‘You are a lawyer, not a leader.’  Is it impossible to be both?

Another Tory attacked Sunak.  ‘Rishi has been far too blatant this week.  He’s a bit like a five year-old boy who tells the girl he likes to ‘please, please’ not kiss him.’  Another said ‘He has behaved in a childish, immature and petulant way.  No one will ever elect someone so duplicitous as leader.’  That’s just what you did, Mate.’

Carrie is under fire for running the place.  One Tory said this was unkind to someone who had just had a baby.  Occupational hazard, my dear.

But the prize for treachery goes to Michael Gove, who has real form. He said the attacks on Carrie were sexist!  ‘If Boris Johnson has given Carrie too much leeway, that’s sort of his fault.  He is the person in charge.  He is the Prime Minister.’

Judas blushed.


Are we not supposed to be a resilient nation? A people characterised by self-reliance, egalitarianism and a healthy disrespect for authority?

Chris Kenny, The Weekend Australian, 24-25 July 2021.

Not really.  We started as a British colony – a jail, in truth – and we have barely moved.

Boris – Morrison – hypocrisy – Westminster System

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