Passing Bull 310 – Trying to stay sane about the election

Rather than walk the plank, I today sent the letter below to Dr Monique Ryan. 

Apart from the matters referred to, I am convinced that we will get nowhere politically in this country until we get more women in parliaments.  They just happen to be better than man in getting together, making sense, and getting things done.


In case those assisting you missed it, the letter of mine below appeared in the AFR today – after The Age knocked it back (as is its wont).

I wish you and those like you well.  You and they are badly needed.  Our system depends on two parties both of which have failed us; and government is only as good as the opposition. 

I am in a ‘safe Labor seat’ – that is, life tenure, and not having to answer letters from constituents.

What policy does either party offer that is distinctive from its platform?

Best wishes

Geoff Gibson

Dear Editor,

Many Australians, including me, have lost faith in both major parties.  Their MPs are being challenged by people who were not selected by either party, but who have real ideas because they have had real jobs.  The hostility to these people validates their challenges.

Sitting MPs were made candidates by a tiny minority who do not represent Australians, and who are part of a machine that is now ruined and friendless.  They are supported by a shockingly rich and powerful expat who gave the world Fox News.  If voting for such people is your idea of democracy, you can spare yourself a trip to Disneyland.  You’re already there.

May I suggest people vote for people they want – not someone chosen for them by a defunct clique? 

I turn 77 this year.  I have never seen a government do more to warrant eviction from office as this mob.  They have no defence on environment or honesty.  I could not trust them to look after my grandchildren.

Yours truly

Political parties – standing for nothing – platforms – independent MPS – role of the press.

4 thoughts on “Passing Bull 310 – Trying to stay sane about the election

  1. Perfect Geoffrey.The note will make its way to Carmen C and will  make her smile.Made my day. Sent from my Galaxy

  2. Hello Geoff,
    I keep hearing people telling us that we must take urgent action on climate.
    Yet no one proffers any action (apart from a carbon tax)
    I may be simple, but I don’t understand how this said tax will make any difference.
    Particularly when China and India couldn’t care less.
    Your letter to afr and forwarded to Monique Ryan, seems to suggest that feel strongly about this.
    Perhaps you could share your ideas re the solution.

  3. If I have a toothache, I see a dentist. If I have an illness, I see a doctor. I don’t just mumble a platitude devised by Peta Credlin for yet another PM who lost his seat because he had lost his way.
    I am buying and selling houses. I need a lawyer to advise me. I would be a fool to advise myself.
    They don’t have this problem in Europe or England. It is only here and the US – where the word ‘conservative; has been debased.

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