Passing Bull 317 – Popularity and loyalty

The Tories have to live with the deal they struck with the devil.

They said he was good because he was popular.  On that ground alone, would they prefer Barabbas to Jesus of Nazareth?  Just over eighty years ago, by the most popular politician in the world was a small house painter from a small town in a small country.  His name was Adolf Hitler.  The chip he had on his shoulder would cost the lives of more than fifty million people.

They said Trump had won a huge majority.  He did – with the brazen deceit that is his trade mark.  And he did not do it for them.  There is only ever one reason why he does anything.  He showed that in the worst public farewell on record.

And they said they owed him loyalty.  In this they made the mistake of putting second their loyalty to the monarch whose realm he was intent on putting asunder.  In this also, they sadly aped the generals of the Wehrmacht who gave an oath of personal loyalty to an Austrian corporal who was twice passed over for promotion to officer status, and they also came dangerously close to the total and cowardly sell-out by Republican elders, those gloomy, fading, white sometime stentorians, who are now forcing a general reconsideration of the role of cowardice in public office.

It now looks to be too late for the rebel colonies to learn from their more settled mother country in how to deal with a spoiled child who is trashing the joint.

PTories – Johnson – Trump

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