MRG and Religion

A text on Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason arrived yesterday.  I put it down after one page.  I have been down here so often before.  But on that page was a phrase I will keep.  It is in the Preface to the Second Edition – which is not in my leather-bound version.  Kant said that the history of metaphysics had come down to ‘merely random groping.’  How very true – of all philosophy both before and since.  And of so much nonsense in politics, business, and the law.

And religion.  My tolerance of so many people claiming to be ‘religious’ runs more thinly by the day.  Claims for religious ‘freedom’ are for the most part moonshine.  As Kant said, no power on earth can come between a person and God.  But when people seek a dispensation from the law to give effect to their view of religion in what they do in public, they are usually seeking a licence to hurt others.

The decision by some footballers to object to wearing a gay pride jumper on what are said to be ‘religious’ grounds borders on lunacy.  But only if lunacy is not seen as a defence to an allegation that they are seeking to use religion as a reason for inflicting pain on others.  They should be ashamed of themselves – but twisted dogma will get in the way.  And as one correspondent to The Age said, it is a curious God who forbids their wearing that kind of jumper – but who smiles upon them when they wear another jumper.  Which has a logo for gambling.  That they wear on the Sabbath.  While playing football.  For lucre.

It is impossible to take these galahs seriously.

But that awful group of people called the Australian Christian Lobby does just that.  They really are degenerate – and hurtful.

Seven Rugby League players created a significant cultural moment this week when they chose faith over football.

When faced with the choice to either wear a ‘pride’ rainbow jersey or stand down from one of their most important matches, these men did not waver in following their conscience.   

The Manly Sea Eagles coach has apologised for their controversial decision to introduce a ‘pride’ Jersey for the ‘Women in League’ round, but the players will not be allowed to play unless they agree to wear it. They have effectively been excluded by the club’s actions.

There has been a lot of negative press surrounding the men’s decision not to play and they have been under significant pressure. It would be great to take the opportunity to send some encouragement their way.

Let’s thank them for bucking the ‘woke’ trend and daring to be a Daniel!  

That is a lot worse than ‘merely random groping’ (MRG).  It is insidious and hurtful – and they know it.

We should do all we can to ensure that these nasty people get no dispensation from any of our laws – tax or otherwise – but are left in the ditch they dig for themselves.

Kant – merely random groping – ACL – hate – tax -freedom of religion.

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