Passing Bull 332 –Religion at Essendon

Some say that Mr Thorburn was terminated at Essendon because of his faith.  I think he does – as do other members of the cloth who have an interest, but who should know better.

Mr Thorburn was appointed CEO of the Essendon Football Club.  That club is committed to the equality of women and gay people.  He was also the Chairman of the City on a Hill church (which, doubtless to the despondent alarm of two of my saner friends, says it is part of the Church of England).  The City on a Hill is not committed to the equality of women and gays.  On the contrary: it says that women are inferior – ‘eldership belongs to men’ – and that gays are sinful. 

Essendon and the City on a Hill therefore hold opposing views on fundamental issues.  A person being an officer and representative of both would be in a hopeless conflict of interest.  That conflict warranted Mr Thorburn’s termination at Essendon.

Mr Thorburn might have seen that conflict.  He was involved in selecting the CEO.  He got the job himself.  That may well be why this issue was left as a deadly sleeper.

And that’s before you come back to the devastating findings of Mr K M Hayne, KC.

Essendon – Thorburn – religious freedom – discrimination – conflict of interest.

2 thoughts on “Passing Bull 332 –Religion at Essendon

  1. A beautifully succinct summary of the situation Geoff. The selection process was a train wreck, particularly as Thorburn shifted from selector to selectee.

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