Passing Bull 339 – Election blues

The Herald -Sun on Sunday had a front-page story with what the Leader of the Opposition would do when he won power.  There were four things he would do immediately.  Two and three were: ABOLISH TAXES.  UNITE VICTORIA.  What could be left after that?

The party is in trouble with religious nuts.  One is named Renee Heath.  Her status if elected is unclear. It is too late for her to be disendorsed. 

Renee is unhappy about her treatment.  She has consulted lawyers.  You guessed it – Arnold Bloch Leibler.  The Protector of the Poor.  As long as they don’t want people to have to pay tax. 

Renee said:

The reason I am a Liberal is because I believe in the right of every individual to live life according to their convictions, beliefs and conscience without interference from government.

Well, Renee, does ‘government’ include the law on which government acts?  Like that against murder?  Does this right to live free of interference extend to the KKK or Nazi Party?  And most of all, do you subscribe to the view you express if for ‘government’ you put in ‘religion.’

If proof were needed that ‘freedom of religion’ is bullshit, here you have it.  Renee wants advice on whether she has grounds to complain to Human Rights about the ‘discriminatory treatment of me’ as a potential Liberal MP ‘based on my faith, or assumptions about my faith.’

What would Sir Robert have said about all that?

Liberal Party – Heath – Dragan – Religion- Guy – Freedom of Religion.

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