Passing Bull 349 – Bullshit at Hillsong

There were plenty of dud ministers in the Robodebt scandal.  Two of the worst were Stuart Robert and Scott Morrison.  Each is as thick as two planks, and they both say they prayed together.  In parliament.  To the God of Hillsong.

Last week Andrew Wilkie, MP dumped on Hillsong.  Their own documents.  The press says he did it under parliamentary privilege.  Well, Hillsong has not said anything he said was untrue.

But Hillsong has announced an independent inquiry and 153 ‘voluntary staff redundancies’ in the last year, saving $9.47M.  It has also changed its policy on ‘gifts’.

The Global Senior Pastor, Phil Dooley, said ‘we want the vast majority of our staff to be front facing, focused on people and the needed and necessary work of face-to-face ministry.’

Dooley said he was disappointed that Wilkie used parliamentary privilege and that Wilkie had been un-Australian in not speaking to them first.

Here is Hillsong on Fabulous Phil.

A visionary leader and life-long learner, Phil believes that every person has a unique, God-given purpose and can positively impact their spheres of influence in a great and enduring way.  Together with his wife Lucinda, he is Interim Global Senior Pastor for Hillsong Church, as well as Lead Pastor for Hillsong Church Africa.  Phil is passionate about wholeness, wellbeing, growth and development in all areas of church life, as well as in his own life.  Having started off as a youth pastor, he remains committed to raising up new leaders and seeing the next generation thrive, and step into all God has called them to.  Phil is an engaging and empathetic communicator, skilled at applying biblical wisdom in practical ways to the highs, lows and challenges of everyday life.  He loves to connect with people and to celebrate others and witness their lives transformed and made fruitful by the grace and love of Jesus.  His desire is to keep growing throughout all the years of his life and to invest in others doing the same.  He and Lucinda have three children, Abbey, Bella and Zac, and two dogs, Spencer and Stanley.  Phil enjoys the discipline and routine of a morning workout followed by a swim in the ocean and reading his One-year Bible at his favourite local café. He loves to draw people in and create community wherever he finds himself.

He looks like he could do with a decent haircut and a wash.  Check him out.  Modelled on Harpo Marx.  More volume, but not as bright.

Hang down your head Phil Dooley,

Hang down your head and cry.

But the Fabulous One is forgiving.

It kind of feels like being king-hit from behind.  But Jesus loves you Mr Wilkie…. Mr Wilkie, you’re still welcome to attend any of our services.

OK.  Playtime is over. 

Bullshit is par for the course.  But to invoke Jesus of Nazareth in a petty political catfight is not just offensive – it is downright despicable.

And anyone who swallows any of this tripe should not be permitted within a fifty-mile radius of Parliament House, Canberra.

Morrison – Robert – Dooley.

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