Passing Bull 352 – Partisan political reporting

Journalists are not there to be partisan.  In the Sunday Age, Parnell Palme McGuinness accused members of the press of ‘hysterical partisan thinking’ for thinking that Leeser’s resignation was a disaster for the Liberal Party.  She thinks it was good for the party – ‘it puts it back in its strongest territory: examining ideas rationally and on merit.’

But to reach that position – which in my view verges on the hysterical – the lady also accuses the P M of ‘embracing a partisan approach.’  She says that he has done so by ‘setting up for a referendum on Peter Dutton’s popularity as an easier task than the Voice referendum question, which some may find daunting.’

If that charge were meant seriously, it could be a serious charge of a form of deceit against the P M.  But I cannot take it seriously, because I cannot imagine a more obvious case of a partisan political statement.

Of the kind that pollutes the public life in our commonwealth.

Sunday Age – Parnell Palme McGuinness – partisan reporting.

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