Passing Bull 353 – More madness in the US.

A letter to the NYT.

Dear Editor,

During an action before a jury in which rape is alleged, the defendant is not in court.

That would not happen in my country (Australia) or in any other common law country – except yours.

But this defendant, Donald Trump, is attacking the credit of the plaintiff on the Internet – at, it appears, about the same time as the plaintiff is giving her evidence.

In any other common law country, except yours, that would be a criminal offence of contempt of court.  Given that the offence was committed by someone who had held the highest office in the land, but who had routinely attacked the judicial system, he would be facing imprisonment.

But in any nation that cares for and protects its legal system, the protector of all our rights, the result is that he would be debarred in fact if not by law from holding any public office again.

It is that far that the United States has fallen.

Yours truly

To cap it all, his lawyers complain that if the victim cannot give a date, they can’t set up an alibi.

And in The Age, this morning, a person claiming to represent religion, warns the king about modernising the monarchy.  And shatters many records of pure bullshit.

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