Passing Bull 335 –Annual Award for Bullshit

You might think it is too early for Christmas shopping and annual awards, but a recent little gem and a Vesuvial explosion have changed the whole game.  When some lions escaped from a zoo, management said that ‘there had been an integrity issue with the containment fence.’ 

As they say in Rear Window, outstanding!

Then there was this from a speakers’ agent.

Scott Morrison is the true definition of a leader with a 360-degree worldview.  During his tenure, Morrison was tasked with several difficulties that required unique and innovative solutions.  From managing the public safety of the Australians during the pandemic to mitigating an economic crisis, controlling natural disasters, and leading the country while others were at war, Prime Minister Morrison led Australia with his particular brand of calm decisiveness and rationale.  A virtuous [yes, virtuous] globalization mastermind, Morrison lends his boundless influence and experience to audiences around the world.

Rarely in the realm of human history, has so much damage been done in so few words, to both language and logic.  It is a veritable miracle.

Now, here is no Prometheus to steal fire from heaven.  But that the audience gets the Almighty as a free extra is implicit from the express stipulation that the ensainted orator is up for ‘controlling natural disasters.’

So – ring out the tocsin!  Let all the bells peel!  And let the bonfires be released!  The year 2022 will go down as that in which the people of Australia grasped the sheer enormity of the bullet they had just ducked.

Morrison – delusions – false grandeur.

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