Passing Bull 336 –The emptiness of Trumpism

Thank God, we have more or less ducked having God in our politics here.   

Governor DeSantis really worries Trump – who is already threatening blackmail in response.  DeSantis flaunts God as much as the flag.  It is nauseating, and would be political death anywhere else.  But it is the kind of God-given pap that sells in the US.   And leaves them with third world political status in their own sink of credulity.

Frank Bruni in the Times says DeSantis peddles ‘cultural pugilism and relative economic moderation’.

1.  How do you translate that – whatever it may mean – into law – apart from by dismantling health care or defence?  Put shortly, there is no platform, but God and the flag.  And even the most stupid MAGA man knows that God is not in Trump.

2.  Specifically, how do you pose as the ‘freedom’ party when its members pay political allegiance to an omnipotent God and earthly leader who demands more loyalty than Putin or Xi?  How do you pose as being for ‘freedom’ if God does not allow half the human race freedom with their own bodies?  Although there is no record of God ever saying anything about the relevant laws?

There is a more fundamental point.

Shortly before polling stations closed on Tuesday Trump said: ‘Well, I think if they [Republicans] win, I should get all the credit.  If they lose, I should not be blamed at all.’  The triumph of egoism and nihilism.  Verging on madness.

People talk of Trumpism without Trump.  There is no such thing.  Trump stands only for himself.  His ego is too big and his mind is too small – see above – to allow for any one or any thing else.  Is there one person left in the world who looks to be even close to Trump?

Perhaps Americans are grasping that there is nothing – rien –at all in Trump.  The old saying was that the emperor has no clothes.

If so, the nightmare of the world may be coming to an end.  The threat of loss of office and power concentrates the mind wonderfully.

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